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Tips In Taking Care Of Tube Amplifiers


Tube amplifiers belong to the best devices which you must have if you're a music lover. But, you have to take care of them for it to last longer. Below are several tips to do this:


  1. Utilize standby mode


This mode means that your home stereo amplifier is not on or off. In this mode, the speaker would be inactive, although the power-amp and the pre-amp tubes would be active.


For best results, you must have your unit on standby mode at least a minute, before as well as after playing. When you've been using it for several hours, then you must get the unit on standby mode up until everything would be cooled down. Doing this help to increase the lifespan of your tubes.


  1. Make sure that there's proper ventilation


These tube amps have a tendency of running hot particularly if they're class A. So to avoid it from becoming too hot, it is wise to make sure that there's a proper ventilation. Also, you should not put polish clothes and set lists on its ventilation holes.


Additionally, you must avoid putting your unit against the wall. When you're feeling that your unit does not have a good ventilation, you must install a fan to it.


  1. Always make sure that the speakers are plugged in the amp


Based on the designs, tube amplifiers should be plugged in with speakers all the time. If the speakers are not plugged, the unit typically blasts the transformer that frequently costs around $200 to $300. To prevent this, always make sure that you do not run a tube combo or tube head without plugging your speakers in. For more facts and information about tube amplifiers, you can go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/project-compassion-stanford/project-compassion-stanfo_b_4897955.html.


  1. Prevent it from getting wet


This would be quite obvious, although numerous people would disregard this. Because of this, many people have a tendency to leave their drinks beside or over the affordable headphone amp.


For excellent results, you must not let the cover of the amp to get wet since it would tend to be degraded, which could ruin its resale value. When you get your unit really wet, then the moisture could seep in the wood, ruining its tonal balance. Also, the water has an ability to get in the electronics that causes short circuiting.


To conclude, there are a number of efficient ways in taking care of this unit. If you're in public places, make sure that no person would touch it. When leaving, let a dependable friend guard it always.